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Back to School

It’s no secret that children look to the first day back in school with fear and dread. With the long summer holidays becoming a happy memory and talk turns to homework and teachers, times do not get much bleaker for the kids (although sometimes happier for parents!).

For many young boys and girls, the only shining light in these dark days is the return of their favourite team for the new football season! So why not capitalise on this and combine the two?

Our ‘Back to School’ range is packed full of exciting products, stretching from Manchester United FC Lunch Bags to Arsenal FC Pencil Cases. We even stock ranges from La Liga giants FC Barcelona  for those kids who can’t get enough of the maestro Messi!

We think that there is no better way to get your children excited for going back to school than kitting them out in their favourite team’s colours and making them the envy of their friends. Who knows, they may even look forward to Monday mornings!

Make sure you do not miss out on the perfect way of seamlessly integrating your child back into those 8am starts, browse our club collections now!

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